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Immersion in Costa Rican gastronomy!

Costa Rica is a country that is not known for its gastronomy. It must be admitted that cooking is not his forte. The dishes are not well seasoned and are based on rather banal ingredients. However, some of his dishes are really tasty. And it is good to know that cooking is one of the pillars of social cohesion. During a stay Costa Rica, vacationers will notice that the whole family is involved in the preparation of the meal. Afterwards, everyone gets around the table to eat and chat in a jovial atmosphere.

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Brazil and Argentina, two of the best destinations on the South American continent

As one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, Brazil attracts more than one million tourists a year. The adventurers meet in this Latin American country to relax and have fun. Whether with family, couple or friends, a tailor made trip Brazil is an exceptional opportunity to visit some landmarks in the area, starting with the beaches. For information, the Brazilian coast extends for nearly 8,000 km. Many addresses for idleness are therefore to be preferred. These include Copacabana, Maresia, Itamambuca, Ipanema, Praia da Pitinga, Taipu de Fora and Lopes Mendes. As for the seaside resort of Taipu de Fora, for example, it is located on the peninsula of Marau, in the state of Bahia. The magic of the place lies in the beauty of the beaches and its surroundings. A long strip of white sand adorned with coconut trees extends about 6.5 km long and in parallel, the turquoise sea that awaits only swimmers. At low tide, holidaymakers will have the opportunity to snorkel.

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