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Canyoning in the Calanques is unique because except in rainy weather, the canyons are dry and allow you to discover these sites without any combination. It is in contact with natural elements that you will venture, for a day or half a day, on these dizzying routes. Supervised by a professional, this getaway offers itineraries adapted to all levels.

The exploration of dry canyons is an activity between canyoning, climbing and via ferrata which allows you to cross extrodinary sites by chaining abseiling, ziplining and via-corda for an unforgettable adventure.

Fun and sporty, this getaway give sensations closer to natures wonders !

Don’t hesitate anymore, come and face this adventure !


We also offer on request, getaways with wet canyons for a day, depending on the water levels, count more or less 2 hours by road to get to Verdon, l’Ubaye, La Roya, Bevera…
Canyoning Expenature Verdon
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Découverte Activités Pleine Nature

It’s hard to find a more complete activity than this one !

Combining different sporting activities, dry canyoning gives an educational, fun and sensational dimension. This outdoor activity can also be close to speleology with its approach to exploring a mineral environment. It is also linked to climbing since the routes include abseiling passages, via the corda … The geological interest is omnipresent and the fact of always overlooking the sea makes these courses particularly beautiful.

In summary, if you are not afraid of heights or if you want to fight your apprehension of the void, this activity is perfect to do with friends or family. It will also be unforgettable for bachelor/ette parties, business seminars. It is a flagship activity of the region !

A sports outfit and good shoes are enough (hiking shoes, sneakers) with a backpack to carry water and picnic.

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