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We offer you all year round to discover or improve your climbing, for the day or for the half day. Take the height and enjoy an exceptional point of view on our beautiful region: Calanques, Sainte Baume, Estérel, Sainte Victoire, Garlaban, Verdon … It is in contact with limestone walls where you will evolve and discover the wealth of the environment at the same time!

Climbing is a complete activity for the commitment of the individual, but also for the team spirit which is highly sought. In turn, you will be belayed and belayer , exchanges will be required in order to trust, to communicate, to transmit responsibilitiesClimbing requires physical and intellectual commitment and provides a great feeling of freedom and satisfaction at the end of the ascent.

Don’t hesitate any longer, come and meet sensations !

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Découverte Activités Pleine Nature

Climbing is not reserved for enthusiasts passionate about risky practices. This activity has grown significantly over the past 10 years. Gradually, it saw it practice democratize and climbing routes adapted to all levels are practicable to offer sensations whatever the goal sought !

Whether for performance, development or simply leisure, climbing is more than ever accessible to everyone!

It is an activity associated with the natural environment therefore with rock walls but it is also an activity practicable in artificial environment.

If you have a climbing wall within your structure, we can also intervene on it. The climbing room can also be a fall-back activity just like speleology in the event of rain.

We adapt the practice site to the level of practitioners.

Our vision of this activity leads us to bring you everything you need to evolve in your physical and intellectual commitments towards autonomy. Depending on the site, you can climb in the lead, ascend the rope by yourself, belayed by your partner or on ”top rope” with the rope in place and other techniques.

Originally, climbing was practiced by europeans mountaineers during the mountain ascents and became quickly a way to train in front of requirement of their activity.

The calanques of Marseille are known as a site that welcomed the first climbers in France. At the end of the 19th century, the group Excursionnistes Marseillais aimed to discover all the hangers of Provence and had a huge impact on the promotion of climbing in the region. However, it is Gaston Rébuffat who is the real pioneer of the discovery and the practice of climbing in the calanques of Marseille. He is one of the first to have practiced it artificially (with peg, locking biner…). Passionate, he joined the Mountainners French Club where he discovered the high mountains and met other mountaineers such as Henri Moulin or Lionel Terray also passionate and pioneers in climbing.

Climbing then became a practice in its own right and evolved thanks to ever safer equipment. The practice of climbing is varied today and allows all audiences to discover from a different angle the wonders of the natural environment that surround us!

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