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Speleology is very present on the karts of Provonce, clalanques, Sainte Baume, Sainte Victoire, Verdon … teem with pierced rocks.

ExpéNATURE offers you an immersion full of sensations in the underground world! For a day or half-day of discovery, come and admire the wonders of these cavities with friends or family. This supervised activity allows you to explore all the mysteries of these little-known sites throughout Provence.

You can mix physical commitment and discovery of these places with a unique point of view!
Speleology is largely contemplative, but you have to deserve access to the beauty of these sites !

Want new sensations? Let’s go for an exploration!

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Découverte Activités Pleine Nature

Speleology is an acenstral practice of first men. The explorations of the caves and cavities are all except modern but the objectives have diversified and multiplied.

Speleology is known for its recreational sports aspect, but this discipline is more than anything scientific. Indeed, caving is a science that studies the underworld. Many vestiges and life forms are present in these rocky chasms shaped by time and nature.

Speleologists are explorers for whom the goal is scientific. They study the fauna, the flora, the waters, the prehistoric archeology, the geological aspects … Many fields of study come together within the exploration of the caves and represent an important source of information for the scientific field .

From scientific research to the practice of leisure, many profiles of explorers are meeting together in this activity! Today, speleology mostly allows to take consciousness of the power of nature and time.

Do we breath underground the same air as outside? Yes ! But how is it possible?

The underground temperature is almost the same all year round, the air circulation between the interior and the exterior is due to the variations of temperature to the exterior notably significant between summer and winter or the day and the night ! Hot air is lighter than cold air, in winter for example, hot air escapes from cavities, they are said to blow and vice versa in summer.

In Provence, most of the cavities and networks are said to be fossils. That is to say that there is no longer an active river which contributes to shaping and digging the cavity. These networks do not fear flooding and will allow you to cross the cave safely even on days rain, on the contrary, it’s a perfect fallback activity!

Also, the underground temperature is almost the same all year around 14-17 ° C depending on the caves, it is nice to feel the hot air in winter and even better to find this natural climatisation in summer.

Speleology is undoubtedly an activity that can be practiced all year round and in all weathers, so what are you waiting for?

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